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Organic Period Pads

Pinkie Product Small

Long-lasting absorbency for tweens and teens.

These toxin-free Pinkie Regular size pads are designed to fit underwear size underwear 14+ and provide superior absorption. Our Regular pads are 9.5 inches long and are ideal for tweens and teens on heavy flow days day or night. 



  • Size: 9.5 in / 245mm
  • Fits: 12 – 16+ yr underwear size
  • Contents: 18 pads / 18 baggies

What’s Inside

  • 100% organic cotton top sheet
  • Plant-based super absorbant core
  • PE waterproof backsheet
  • Henkel adhesive

What’s Not

  • Toxins
  • Dyes
  • Chlorine
  • Fragrance

How to Use

  1. Peel away paper backing strip and press into underwear.
  2. Remove paper from wings and wrap wings around underwear.
  3. When finished, roll up pad, place in pouch and throw in trash (not the toilet!)

Toxin-free period pads perfectly sized for tweens and teens.

Free of toxins, bleach, dye, chlorine & fragrance.

Pinkie Pad Regular Baggie
Ultra-thin pads with up to 100% leak-proof wings.
100% organic cotton topsheets.

Powerful, non-bulky absorption provides protection for a full school day.

100% plant-based super absorbent core.

Each natural Pinkie pad comes in a soft, rip-free drawstring pouch – Cute to carry, perfect for passing to friends, and easy for clean disposal.

Patent-pending & Recyclable!

PInkie Regular Sanitary Baggies

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